End of Semester ANNOUNCEMENTS - Cell phoned must be turned...

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1 End of the Semester Announcements For Section 100 Test 3 will be Thursday, De- cember 10. For Sections 200 & 300, Test 3 will be Wednes- day, December 9. For all sections, the ±nal exam will be from 10:15am to 12:15pm on Wednesday Decem- ber 16. IT WILL NOT BE GIVEN AT ANY OTHER TIME! – Final Exam for Section 100 (TTh 2:00), Grant Auditorium. – Final Exam for Section 200 (MW 2:15), Room 7, School of Management – Final Exam for Section 300 (MW 3:45), Grant Auditorium. Test #3 will be returned during class on Mon- day, December 14. Students in Section 100 may attend either Section 200 (at 2:15pm) or Section 300 (at 3:45pm) to pick up their tests. Professor Graver will have extra o²ce hours on Tuesday December 15 from 9:00am to 11:30am or from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
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2 MAT 183 Final Exam 10:15am Wednesday, December 16 What you MUST bring to the EXAM Your SU PICTURE ID! Your CALCULATOR with good batteries! Extra pencils or pens. NOTHING ELSE!
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Unformatted text preview: Cell phoned must be turned of & put away! What you should know about the EXAM • The Fnal exam is COMPREHENSIVE; it is like 3 tests back to back. • The Fnal exam is LONG; you must get through the entire test. DO NOT get stuck on a hard problem! • Most o± the problems are standard problems; you must MASTER the standard problems. • You MUST ±ollow instructions on the Fnal! ²or ex-ample, i± the intructions are ”set up but DO NOT SOLVE” don’t waste your time solving the problem. How to get ready for the EXAM • Be sure that you know exactly where you will take the exam. • Go over the tests and practice tests. • Go over the“Review o± basic concepts” at the end o± each chapter in the text. • Go over your lecture notes. • Go over homework problems. At the EXAM • Arrive early. • Wait outside until the exams are distributed, then Fnd your seat and get to work....
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End of Semester ANNOUNCEMENTS - Cell phoned must be turned...

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