End of Semester ANNOUNCEMENTS - Cell phoned must be turned...

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1 End of the Semester Announcements For Section 100 Test 3 will be Thursday, De- cember 10. For Sections 200 & 300, Test 3 will be Wednes- day, December 9. For all sections, the ±nal exam will be from 10:15am to 12:15pm on Wednesday Decem- ber 16. IT WILL NOT BE GIVEN AT ANY OTHER TIME! – Final Exam for Section 100 (TTh 2:00), Grant Auditorium. – Final Exam for Section 200 (MW 2:15), Room 7, School of Management – Final Exam for Section 300 (MW 3:45), Grant Auditorium. Test #3 will be returned during class on Mon- day, December 14. Students in Section 100 may attend either Section 200 (at 2:15pm) or Section 300 (at 3:45pm) to pick up their tests. Professor Graver will have extra o²ce hours on Tuesday December 15 from 9:00am to 11:30am or from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
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2 MAT 183 Final Exam 10:15am Wednesday, December 16 What you MUST bring to the EXAM Your SU PICTURE ID! Your CALCULATOR with good batteries! Extra pencils or pens. NOTHING ELSE!
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Unformatted text preview: Cell phoned must be turned of & put away! What you should know about the EXAM The Fnal exam is COMPREHENSIVE; it is like 3 tests back to back. The Fnal exam is LONG; you must get through the entire test. DO NOT get stuck on a hard problem! Most o the problems are standard problems; you must MASTER the standard problems. You MUST ollow instructions on the Fnal! or ex-ample, i the intructions are set up but DO NOT SOLVE dont waste your time solving the problem. How to get ready for the EXAM Be sure that you know exactly where you will take the exam. Go over the tests and practice tests. Go over theReview o basic concepts at the end o each chapter in the text. Go over your lecture notes. Go over homework problems. At the EXAM Arrive early. Wait outside until the exams are distributed, then Fnd your seat and get to work....
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End of Semester ANNOUNCEMENTS - Cell phoned must be turned...

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