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bus353_neg_balsheet - $6,663,449 Stockholder Equity Capital...

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BUS353-01 Labor Relations Balance Sheet and Income Statement Balance Sheet Assets Current Assets: Cash $900,422 Marketable Securities 456,797 Accounts Receivable 1,355,222 Inventory 2,501,818 Total Current assets $5,214,259 Property, Plant and Equipment Land 306,130 Buildings 2,467,508 Equipment 2,019,594 Total Property, Plant and Equipment $4,793,232 Total Assets $10,007,491 Liabilities and Equity Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $1,388,233 Salaries Payable 80,658 Income Taxes 105,290 Other Expense 31,468 Total Current Liabilities $1,605,649 Long Term Liabilities Long Term Debt $5,057,800 Total Current Liabilities and Long term Debt
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Unformatted text preview: $6,663,449 Stockholder Equity Capital Stock 765,600 Retained Earnings 2,578,442 Total Stockholder Equity $3,344,042 Total Liabilities and Equity $10,007,491 Income Statement Revenues Sales $10,939,643 Less Returns 207,636 Total Revenues $10,732,007 Less Expenses Cost of Merchandise $6,928,759 Salary Expenses 971,098 Depreciation 318,654 Selling and Administrative expense 502,051 Interest Expense 505,780 Income Tax Expense 501,174 Total Expenses $9,727,516 Net Income $1,004,491...
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bus353_neg_balsheet - $6,663,449 Stockholder Equity Capital...

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