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BUS353-01 Labor Relations Relevant Contract Provisions Article 7: Grievance Procedure An employee desiring to discuss a grievance involving application or interpretation of this  Agreement may do so as follows: Step 1.Between the immediate supervisor and the aggrieved employee and/or a representative  of his choosing. Step 2.Between the shop steward and the plant manager provided the grievance is reduced to  writing. Step 3.Between the President of the Local Union, his committee, and the Employer. Provided that: A. A grievance shall not proceed to Step 2 unless presented in writing within 10 days from  date of occurrence or from first reasonable knowledge. B. Once presented, the grievance will be handled expediously. Article 10. Seniority Section 2. In all decreases in working force or recall after layoff, seniority shall govern. Section 4. Probationary employees shall consist of all employees employed by the 
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This note was uploaded on 06/17/2011 for the course BUS 353 taught by Professor Henrynovak during the Spring '11 term at St. Xavier.

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bus353_neg_contract - BUS35301 LaborRelations...

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