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BUS353-01 CHAPTER 4 Unions and Management: Key Participants in the Labor Relations Process I. Goals and Strategies: Management and Unions A. Company goals. 1. survive / remain competitive 2. grow / prosper 3. achieve a favorable return on investment 4. effectively use human resources 5. attract, retain, and motivate employees 6. protect management's rights / flexibility 7. obtain no strike commitment from the union B. Union goals. 1. Company to survive and remain competitive 2. Company to grow and prosper 3. Company to achieve a favorable return on its investment 4. Company to effectively use human resources within CBA rules 5. Company to attract, retain, and motivate employees within CBA rules 6. protect union and employee rights negotiated in the labor agreement 7. obtain no lockout commitment from the company C. Company Labor Relations Strategy 1. Determinants a. economic conditions b. managerial philosophy c. managerial ethics d. competition in the 2. Types of Strategies a. Remain Nonunion i. union suppression (break the union or remain nonunion) ii. union avoidance (eliminate the need for a union) iii. union substitution (employee involvement / open-door) b. Accept i. codified approach (accept legitimacy of unions) ii. accommodation (labor-management cooperation) 3. Union Suppression a. destroy union / prevent union b. tactics i. spying ii. illegal discharge iii. determine applicants’ attitudes to unions
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4. Union Avoidance a. prevent union by legal methods b. tactics i. double breasting - legal under NLRA - co. has union and non-union divisions - shifts investment to non-union division - union division declines ii. positive human resources - no symbols of rank (no reserved parking for execs) - keep facilities small - promote from within (don’t hire supervisors from outside) - HR mgr reports directly to top mgt - avoid layoffs - competitive pay and benefits - overall corporate strength 5. Union Substitution a. employee participation b. tactics i. joint participation committees ii. can’t discuss wages and benefits (violation of NLRA) 6. Codified Approach a. co. accepts legitimacy of union b. tactics i. arms length relationship
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Chap4 - BUS353-01 CHAPTER 4 Unions and Management Key...

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