Chap5 - BUS353-01 CHAPTER 5 Why And How Unions Are...

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BUS353-01 CHAPTER 5 Why And How Unions Are Organized I. Why Unions Are Formed A. Employees' background and needs 1. Previous experience with union (strong predictor of attitude towards union and decision to join) 2. Parental attitudes / family experiences with union 3. Need for status and belonging B. Instrumentality 1. will union improve personal situation 2. will union satisfy personal needs / goals C. Influences on Decision 1. social pressure 2. satisfaction with a. pay b. quality of supervision c. conditions of work 3. attitudes / beliefs about unions II. Activities of the Union in Organizing Employees A. Initiating organization 1. dissatisfied employees a. specific workplace b. unhappy with work conditions 2. employees recognize a. can’t change work conditions individually b. need collective action 3. employees contact union organizer B. Union Organizer 1. does not create job dissatisfaction among workers 2. responds to workers already dissatisfied at work C. Union Organizer Functions 1. determines cause of dissatisfaction / extent of support for union 2. estimates likelihood of organizing success / costs 3. if decides to go ahead with organizing a. set up organizing committee b. select cross section of employees 4. educate organizing committee benefits of union / labor law / employer response
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5. obtain worker support for union a. focus on worker needs b. show how union can help satisfy D. Union Organizing Tactics 1. tactics with positive effects a. house calls b. small group meetings c. employee committees d. demonstrations of solidarity 2. tactics with little or no effect a. phone calls b. rallies c. gate leaflets d. mass mailings 3. get employees to sign authorization cards III. Role of Employer A. Must convince employees it deserves their support / a second chance
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Chap5 - BUS353-01 CHAPTER 5 Why And How Unions Are...

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