Chap6 - BUS353-01 CHAPTER 6 Negotiating the Labor Agreement...

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BUS353-01 CHAPTER 6 Negotiating the Labor Agreement I. Collective Bargaining A. Definition 1. Union and Mgt resolve conflicting interests 2. Exchange commitments 2. Contract negotiation outcomes a. Voluntary contract settlement b. Majority of negotiations B. Groups Involved 1. appropriate bargaining unit (ABU) 2. negotiation unit a. single ABU b. combination of two or more ABUs C. Bargaining Structure 1. Decentralized (single plant) bargaining a. employer has several facilities b. each facility has own ABU c. each facility makes same product as all other facilities d. strike at one facility does not affect production at other facilities e. employer negotiates separate contracts for each facility f. employer prefers decentralized bargaining if it has separate manufacturing facilities (barg units) each making the same product 2. Centralized (multi-plant) bargaining a. employer with several facilities or multi-employer assoc b. each facility or employer has own ABU c. products at each plant are interdependent (plant A’s product is needed for plant B production) d. strike at one facility interferes with production at non-striking facilities e. employer prefers centralized bargaining when products at each facility are interdependent 3. Advantages of multiemployer bargaining a. union power over rival unions b. cost savings from fewer contract negotiations c. industry prevailing wages
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4. Bargaining strategies a. lock-in agreements (unlawful) i. agreement between unions ii. requires each union ABU not to reach a contract settlement until all unions are willing to settle iii. forces employer to address concerns of all bargaining units at same time iv. unlawful (NLRB ruling) b. whip-saw bargaining i. gain concession from one bargaining unit ii. use concession to gain similar concessions from other bargaining units II. Negotiation Preparation Activities A. Selection of the negotiating team 1. small size teams preferable (less than 10 members)
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Chap6 - BUS353-01 CHAPTER 6 Negotiating the Labor Agreement...

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