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English 354 Documentation: Short Reports Cited sources in short reports may follow APA or CMS formats, but many organizations have their own style sheets for reporting research. These formats are usually used for in-house communication only and are relatively simple. Here is an example of one that you can use for short reports: --Create a section called “References” at the end of your report. --Begin the citation with the last name of the author of the source and then her first name, or, if no author is given, the first word in the title of the source, list out the sources in the order that they appear in the text of your report , numbering each from “1” up. --After giving the author’s name and source title, complete the citation with location information. Example: References 1. Kolich, A.M. Everything You Wanted to Know About Parking But Were Afraid to Ask . Chicago: Saint Xavier University Press, 2009. 2. McGirt, Ellen. “Parking Problems for Universities,”
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Unformatted text preview: Chronicle of Higher Education , November 2007. 3. Illinois Department of Disabilities. Regulations Regarding Handicap Parking for Public Establishments. 2009 edition. 4. Scherzer, Lisa. “Effective Parking Lot Designs.” October 16, 2009, http://infoparking.com/subjects/index.php .--In the text of your report, in the order that they appear, cite sources using the Reference number and page number, if available. Use parenthetical method for citation. Example: Parking shortages are not only a problem for students but faculty and staff as well. At one university, Saint Xavier University in Chicago, the faculty union recently voted against the administration’s proposal for the construction of new dorms because of its parking problem (1:66). McGirt believes that parking on campuses will continue to be an important issue for universities well into the next decade (2:23).--If later in the report, Kolich is cited again, use number “1.”...
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