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English 354_Oral_Instructions

English 354_Oral_Instructions - assessment-List out his...

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English 354: Oral Presentations Purpose: To persuade Foletti to purchase your PPM Audience Analysis: --Level of experience and expertise --Educational level/age/ethnicity --Attitude—concerns, fears, or objections --Different groups and their differing attitude --Anticipate questions Structure: I. Introduction: Connection --Gain attention/hook—story: fact, testimonial, question, or quotation --Why are you there? What’s your purpose? --Set stage: summarize the whole presentation --Transition II. Body/Support --Your assessment of Foletti operation and what you did in your
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Unformatted text preview: assessment--List out his needs--Visual--Describe your PPM—Visuals (?)--Link needs to PPM and describe its benefits (How does it solve his needs?)--Visual--Sales pitch: Why is your PPM is the best possible choice?--Visual--Cost/Timeline-Visual--Anticipate objections (?)—Possible visual--Transition Closing/Contact:--Go back to hook and sum up purpose of presentation by connecting to it--Motivate audience to take action/what you want them to do--Thank them for their time...
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