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English 354: Parking Assessment Questions/Issues --SPACE: Winsome has 7 acres of parking: 1. How many parking spaces are there? 2. Is the space being utilized well? 3. How much land is used for buildings? 4. How much land is left as “open green space”? 5. How many parking lots exist and where are they? 6. How many parking spaces are used for special purposes (handicapped, service vehicles, visitor)? --USE: 3000 students, 75% day; dorm=35%, (90% have cars) 1. How many spaces are used by dorm students? 2. How many day students drive? 3. How many parking permits are issued?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. How many day students use public transportation? 5. How many day students car pool?--Space/Use: Peak hours M-F, 9-2 1. What are the time slots for classes? 2. How many cars are on campus during each time slot? 3. How many cars are on campus after 9 pm? 4. What are the hours that the lots are at or near capacity? 5. How many parking violations are issued and when?--Visuals and Graphs: 5 needed 1. What information is crucial to supporting your assessment? 2. What kinds or types of visuals and graphs best display this information?...
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