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English 354: Persuasive Writing I. Persuasive Reports: Preliminary A. You must know the product and service that you are selling. 1. What will the product and service do for the client? 2. What are its superior features (e.g., design and workmanship or client benefits)? 3. How is the product or service different from its competition? How is the “idea” superior to other viable alternatives? 4. What is the cost to the client? B. Client Assessment: Know your client 1. Why did the client request this product? (RFP: Request for Proposal, informal request, or unsolicited proposal) 2. What product does the client presently use? 3. How is that existing product utilized in the client’s organization? 4. What do I need to know about the client’s organization to make the sale? C. Establishing confidence and trust
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Unformatted text preview: You should stress products benefitsconvenience, durability, efficiency, serviceability, productivity, ease of use, etc. Appeals: 1. Logos: a logical appeal based on informationfacts and statistics. Often presented in tables and graphs. Evidence=numbers. 2. Ethos: information associated with your credibility and knowledge, as well as reputation of product--expertise, experience, and reviews of product. Evidence=expert opinion and history. 3. Pathos: seeks emotional responseadmiration and social status. Evidence=cultural and personal. Go Green! 4. Compliance: appeals mandated by law. D. Types of business proposals 1. Proposal to investigate or conduct research 2. Proposal to provide product or service 3. Proposal to change a policy, procedure, or organizational structure...
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English_354_Sales - You should stress products...

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