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SALES PROPOSAL STRUCTURE - 3 Use visuals when called for...

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SALES PROPOSAL STRUCTURE English 354 CONNECTION: 1. Foletti requested PPM. 2. Thank him and describe briefly what you did to evaluate his needs. 3. Briefly describe how your PPM satisfies his needs. 4. Promote your PPM at the same time. ASSESSMENT: 1. Demonstrate his needs. Show that you know his set up. 2. What are his needs—List out. PPM: 1. Describe PPM, keeping in mind his needs. 2. Explain how/why it satisfies his needs. List out.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Use visuals when called for. COMPETITION (if any and can be done throughout proposal): 1. Describe competitors’ PPM 2. Competitors’ shortcomings and your PPM’s strengths. PPM AVAILABILITY 1. Time frame to install. 2. Special arrangements necessary. COST OF PPM (need not be detailed) CONTACT: SET UP A MEETING TO DISCUSS YOUR PPM...
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