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English 354: Questions for Sales Proposal Audience --Have you properly identified Foletti and his business, as well as your business and PPM? --Have you effectively analyzed, summarized, and listed his needs that prompted his request for this proposal? (Client assessment) --Have you effectively described your PPM? (PPM description) --Have you shown how your PPM will address his needs? --Have you promoted the benefits of your PPM? (Perhaps comparison to other s that other businesses sell) --Have you designed the proposal in ways to make it readable and assessable? Implementation --In implementing your PPM, have you addressed, if needed , these items: 1. Site preparation 2. Staffing (both for you and him)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Delivery schedule or work plan 4. Training requirements 5. Statement of responsibilities--Have you created a feasible cost analysis for the PPM, as well as a cost/benefit analysis? Sale/Promotion--Have you provided an effective organizational sales pitch?--Have you promoted your company in ways that will ensure confidence and trust in your PPM?--Is the style and tone of your proposal upbeat and positive?--Have you effectively used visuals to sell the PPM? (Think about what you put in visuals and why.)--If needed, what sales promotions have you used in the proposal?--In your conclusion (Contact), have you properly provided a follow-up?...
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