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APA cheat sheet - APA Style Capitalization In titles and...

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APA Style Capitalization In titles and headings, capitalize all words with four or more letters. After a colon, capitalize the first word beginning a complete sentence. Capitalize Black and White when referring to race. Capitalize proper nouns and adjectives used as proper nouns. After an extract, use lowercase “p.” and “pp.” to indicate page numbers. Trial 5, Day 2, Experiment 4 . . . BUT chapter 4, row 3, and column 5. Citations Use a comma to separate author and date (Smith, 1999). Use an ampersand when cited in parentheses (Jones & Guerra, 1999). If the cite has two authors, always cite both names. If the cite has three, four, or five authors, cite all names the first time and use “et al.” thereafter. If the cite has more than five authors, use “et al.” always. Always alphabetize citations in parentheses. When citing a page number as well as an author and date, use a “p.” before the page number (Smith, 1999, p. 20). For a republished work, the article is cited in text as (Smith, 1999/2002). For a work with no author, use the complete title or abbreviation of the title in place of the author, capitalizing each correct word and using quotation marks (“Current in the News,” 1980). Different cited authors with the same last name must carry their initials in cites always, even if the years are different. Cites that appear in parenthetical text use commas to set off the date: (see Doe, 1999, for a general discussion of millennium celebrations) NOT (see Doe [1999] for a general discussion…). If there are two groups of authors (Graziosi, Falchetti, DiPalma, & Marotta, 1979; Graziosi, Marotta, DiPalma, & Romano, 1988) with the same first author but different years, in subsequent citations, the “et al.” must be repeated (Graziosi et al., 1979; Graziosi et al., 1988). If, however, there are different sets of authors and the same year, use as many last names
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APA cheat sheet - APA Style Capitalization In titles and...

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