Chapter 3 Fig 3.22

Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology (8th Edition)

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MINERAL D Sample Number Luster Hardness Cleavage Color 1 NM 1 absent gray 2 NM 2 good colorless 3 NM 3 excellent white 4 NM 4 excellent green 5 NM 5 absent green/brown 6 NM 6 excellent orange 7 NM 7 absent colorless 8 NM 2-2.5 excellent silver-brown 9 NM 2.5 excellent colorless 10 NM 3 excellent colorless 11 NM 6 good white 13 NM 2-5 absent green/gray 17 NM 1.5-2.5 poor yellow 18 M 1 excellent dark silvery gray 19 M 6-6.5 poor silvery gold 20 M 4 poor orange-brown 21 M 4 absent red-brown
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DATA CHART Streak Other Properties Name Uses white soapy/greasy Talc Talcum powder, makeup, paint white transparent Gypsum Drywall, alabaster white effervesces Calcite antacids, fertilizer, cement white opaque Fluorite flux in steel, flourine for aluminum white brittle Apatite pesticides, fertilizers white can be translucent Feldspar ceramics, soap, glass, enamel none/white many colors Quartz abrasive, glass, gemstone
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Unformatted text preview: gray-brown splits easily Mica rubber, paint, fire-resistant tiles white salty taste Halite table salt, road salt white effervesces Calcite antacids, fertilizer, cement white can be translucent Feldspar ceramics, soap, glass, enamel white asbestos forms Serpentine Fire resistant clothing, tiles yellow brittle Sulfur drugs, sulfuric acid, explosives dark gray greasy, soft Graphite lubricant, pencil lead, fishing rods dark gray fool's gold Pyrite sulfuric acid, explosives, insecticides yellow-brown hard or soft Limonite iron for steel tools, nails, bolts red-brown may be magentic Hematite rouge makeup and polish, red paint...
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Chapter 3 Fig 3.22 - gray-brown splits easily Mica rubber...

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