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B4. Information Technology Roles and Responsibilities within the IT 03505. The duties and responsibilities of the database administrator include: I. Design and control of a firms database. This responsibility includes ensuring application independence and back up and recovery procedures. ii. Definition and control of the data in the data dictionary iii. Assignment of user codes and maintenance of other security measures iv. Control of all changes in data structure and in programs that use the database a. I,ii,iii b.i,ii,iv c. I,iii,iv
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Unformatted text preview: d.i,ii,iii, iv Choice "c" is correct. I, III, and IV are correct. Item II is not correct because it refers to the definition and control of the data in the data dictionary. The data is the responsibility of the data administrator. 04599. Which of the following statement is correct for purchased application packages? i. If an application package is purchased from an outside vendor and installed, system analysts may be called system integrators, for purchased applications, their main responsibility would be to...
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