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exam 2 review sheet - PSYCH 273 Fall 2009 Exam 2 Review...

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PSYCH 273 Fall, 2009 Exam 2 Review Sheet If you have questions, I am available during office hours and I am happy to make additional office hours if students need/request/would like them. Begin with the chapter summaries in your book. Pay particular attention to book material that has also been covered in lecture. If you haven’t guessed already, I often include a lot of lecture material on my exams. That said, you are still responsible for all book material; this includes the “20 studies” book. For diagrams, be able to accurately reproduce and label them. Be able to briefly describe, explain, and define the components, if applicable. Specifics Be able to associate the major contributions with the names of each of the individuals whose work influenced our views of cognitive development, social-emotional development, and the development of play including Piaget, Vygotsky, Thomas and Chess, Kagan, Rothbart, Spitz, Harlow, Bowlby, and Ainsworth (from your text). Know and be able to identify and apply the definitions of cognition, adaptation, accommodation, assimilation, Zone of Proximal Development, guided learning, guided
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exam 2 review sheet - PSYCH 273 Fall 2009 Exam 2 Review...

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