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January 18, 2011 A Sudden Terror: The Plot to Murder the Pope in Renaissance Rome (by Anthony D’elia) Giving of Keys to St. Peter Battle at Milvian Bridge, 312 - Christian church persecuted until the Edict of Milan, which enforced toleration, 313. - Constantine sees cross in the sky during the battle, you shall conquer - he put the sign of the cross on his soldiers’ shield and they won Donation of Constantine (sun worshipper) - avid supporter of Christianity, counsel of Nicea - conversion of the Roman Empire - Popes have temporal power - donation of Constantine document, control to Pope Sylvester - Popes became rulers/kings after the fall of the Roman Empire Raphael—Leo and Attila - 452AD, Pope Leo I met Attila the hun at the gates and stopped Attila from sacking Rome 800CE Charlemagne : crowned the First “Holy Roman Empire”, crowned at Old St. Peter’s - Pope calls on the king of France to restore his power by kicking out the Lumbards who took over - relationship between secular and spiritual power became one, Popes and Kings needed each other, co-existence and equality, church and state together: established Papal Monarchy 11thc—Pope Gregory VII & Henry IV - argued over who would control/appoint/invest in your own bishops - threats from Pope to Henry: excommunication, no paying taxes to him or pledging allegiance - Pope forces Henry to wait outside his castle in the snow, stands barefoot and kneels in
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ARTH345_W2L1.ThePlot - A Sudden Terror The Plot to Murder...

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