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Chapter 1 Review Questions

Chapter 1 Review Questions - allocates resources by the...

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CIS 550 / Week 1 Review Questions and Exercises 1-R5 An integrative approach to project management is one in which all the parts are interrelated. This approach is important because it can give an organization a competitive edge in today's environment. An integrative approach includes two parts. First, projects must have a strong link to the organization's strategic plan, which is directed toward meeting the customer's needs. A project priority system reinforces this linkage by prioritizing projects according to their contribution to the strategic plan and
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Unformatted text preview: allocates resources by the priorities set. Second, an integrative approach provides an integrated system for the actual implementation of the projects. This includes an information system which supports decision making and a social/cultural environment which creates a positive, active contribution from team members responsible for completing the project....
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