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CIS 550 / Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Review Questions 8-R1 How does resource scheduling tie to project priority? Resource scheduling is tied to project priority because of the limited number of available resources. “ The priority system needs to select projects that best contribute to the organization’s objectives, within the constraints of the resources available” (p. 233). That is, limited resources should be assigned to the highest priority projects. 8-R2 How does resource scheduling reduce flexibility in managing projects? Resource-constrained scheduling including leveling and the limited resource schedule reduce flexibility in managing projects by reducing slack in increasing the number of critical and near-critical activities. Additionally, scheduling complexity increases due to the fact that resource constraints are added to
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Unformatted text preview: technical constraints. 8-R3 Present six reasons scheduling resources is an important task . Resource scheduling is an important task because: 1. It allows the project manager to assess the availability of resource. 2. It allows the project manager to considering possible alternatives should limited resources not be available before the project begins. 3. It allows multiple projects to be worked on concurrently if they share some or all of the same resources. 4. It provides the information needed to prepare time-phased work-package budgets with dates. 5. It provides project managers a quick means to gauge the impact of unforeseen events such as turnover, equipment breakdowns, or transfer of project personnel....
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