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CIS 550 / Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Review Questions 9-R3 Why is scheduling overtime a popular choice for getting projects back on schedule? What are the potential problems for relying on this option? Scheduling overtime is a popular choice for accelerating project completion because it avoids the additional costs of coordination and communication encountered when new people are added to a project. Additionally, there may be fewer distractions when working outside of normal business hours and, if the people working overtime are salaried workers, there may not be any real additional cost for the extra work.
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Unformatted text preview: Potential problems with relying on overtime include the increased costs when using hourly workers. Overtime for salaried workers may result in reduced productivity, lower employee satisfaction, burnout or turnover. 9-R4 Identify four indirect costs you might find on a moderately complex project. Why are these costs classified as indirect? Indirect costs that might be found on a moderately complex project include supervision, administration, consultants, and interest. These costs are classified as indirect because they cannot be associated with any particular work package or activity....
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