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CIS 550 / Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Review Questions 9-R5 How can a cost-duration graph be used by the project manager? Explain. Cost-duration graphs allow the project manager to identify “the costs of reducing project time so that comparisons can be made with the benefits of getting the project completed sooner” (p. 288). These graphs require gathering direct and indirect costs for specific project duration which can help highlight and searching critical activities to find the lowest direct-cost activities that will shorten project duration. 9-R6 Reducing the project duration increases the risk of being late.
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Unformatted text preview: Explain. Reducing the project duration increases the risk of being late because reducing the slack of noncritical activities increasing the likelihood of creating new critical paths. More critical paths increases the risk of the project being late. 9-R7 It is possible to shorten the critical path and save money. Explain how. Shortening the critical path can save money in instances where indirect costs are a significant percentage of total project costs. A shorter project means these costs are incurred for less time....
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