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Chapter 10 Review Questions

Chapter 10 Review Questions - adapt to many changes over...

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CIS 550 / Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Review Questions 10-R2 Why is a conductor of an orchestra an appropriate metaphor for being a project manager? What aspects of project managing are not reflected by this metaphor? Can you think of other metaphors that would be appropriate? The conductor of an orchestra is an appropriate metaphor for being a project manager because, in the same way that a conductor integrates the unique sounds of different instruments into a coherent piece of music, a project manager integrates the talents and contributions of different specialists to complete the project. The role of both a conductor and project manager is to facilitate the performance of others rather than perform themselves. Both are completely dependent on the skills of their individual players and must understand how different individuals contribute to the final result. Some aspects of project management aren’t reflected by this metaphor. For example, a conductor is unlikely to diverge from the written music during a performance while a project manager must be able to
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Unformatted text preview: adapt to many changes over the course of a project. Similarly, a conductor has an opportunity to spend weeks practicing the same piece of music with his orchestra while projects are unique and carry inherent uncertainties. Additionally, because a conductor interacts primarily with members of the orchestra, this metaphor rails to capture the intricacies of dealing with the wide variety of project stakeholders. Another metaphor that might be appropriate is that of football quarterback. Like a project manager, a quarterback is dependent on the expertise of his teammates and must utilize their unique skills to run a successful play. Both must deal with uncertainty and change while maintaining a vision that transcends the immediate play or project plan. In order to be successful, both the project manager and quarterback must earn the confidence, respect, and trust of their players....
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