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Unformatted text preview: CIS 550 / Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Review Questions 10-R3 What does the exchange model of influence suggest you do to build cooperative relationships to complete a project? The exchange model of influence is built on the concept of reciprocity and quid pro quo. According to this model, the primary way to build cooperative relationships is to provide services and resources to others in exchange for future resources and services. The key is to understand what currencies are most valued by different individuals at given times and offer those currencies so that they are inclined to reciprocate. Various currencies which can be used to build cooperation include task-related currencies such as resources, assistance, cooperation and information; position-related currencies such as advancement, recognition, visibility, and contacts; inspiration-related currencies such as vision, excellence, and ethical correctness; relationship-related currencies such as acceptance, personal support, and empathy; and...
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