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CIS 550 / Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Review Questions 10-R7 Why is trust a function of both character and competence? “Character alone will not engender trust. We must also have confidence in the competency of individuals before we really trust them” (p. 333). A person with the best intentions won’t be trusted if she has a reputation for not being able to deliver on promises. Similarly, a highly competent individual can’t inspire trust if he has selfish or destructive intentions. Trust depends on both a good intentions and the competence to see them through. 10-R8 Which of the eight traits/ skills associated with being an effective project manager is the most important? The least important? Why? Our text identifies eight traits associated with being an effective project manager: systems thinker, personal integrity, proactive, high emotional intelligence, general business perspective, effective time management, skillful position and optimist.
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