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Unformatted text preview: CIS 550 / Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Review Exercises 10-E6 Jack Nietzche Although Jack will undoubtedly be upset that he wasn’t promoted, I believe it is necessary to give him the bad news immediately in order to establish trust. Withholding the information in order to get Jack to work harder shows disregard for his personal feelings and our relationship. Having a candid conversation about my meeting with the director of project management, empathizing with his disappointment, and discussing possible courses of action to improve Jack’s prospects for promotion in the future will show that I value our relationship. Hopefully, offering Jack these relationship-related and personal-related currencies will encourage him to reciprocate by completing the project on time. Seaburst Construction Project If use of the equipment on weekends is against company policy, I would discuss the practice with the vendors who work for my organization directly rather than bringing the matter to the attention of a...
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