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CIS 550 / Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Review Questions 11-R2 What are the elements of an effective project vision? Why are they important? The four key elements to an effective project vision are communication, strategic sense, passion and inspiration. Essential qualities of a vision must be able to be communicated in order to be shared with and understood by others. While visions should be challenging, they must also be realistic and be appropriate from a strategic perspective. Passion is essential to an effective vision as a project manager must fully believe in the vision before it can be realized. Finally, the vision must serve as a source of inspiration to others so that they are motivated to superior performance. 11-R3 Why should a project manager emphasize group rewards over individual rewards?
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Unformatted text preview: Generally, project managers should emphasize group rewards over individual rewards because most project work is a collaborative effort and the reward system should encourage team work. Because project work is highly interdependent, it can be difficult to distinguish who truly deserves credit and recognizing individual members can distract from team unity. 11-R4 What is the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict on a project? The difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict is not always clear. “The distinguishing criterion is how the conflict affects project performance, not how individuals feel” (p. 369). Functional conflicts further the objectives of the project while dysfunctional conflict will hinder project performance....
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