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Unformatted text preview: CIS 550 / Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Review Questions 11-R5 When would it be appropriate to hold a formal team-building session on a project? A formal team-building session is appropriate when the project manger senses that the team is approaching a transition point in its development. Such a session should involve an inflective evaluation of the team’s performance with the goal of improving the team’s effectiveness through better management of project demands and group processes. 11-R6 What are the unique challenges to managing a virtual project team? Two of the biggest challenges to managing a virtual project team are developing trust and effective patterns of communication. It is often difficult for team members to trust those they have only met one or two times, if at all, and geographic separation prevents the informal social interactions that are often essential to building camaraderie among team members. Similarly, distance can make it difficult to establish effective patterns of communication as common methods of long-distance communication such...
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