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CIS 550 / Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Review Exercise 11-E2 Decision-Making 1) Casino Night After learning that Chunk of Coal has terminated operations and confirming for myself, I would (a) make the decision on my own with available information to donate the profits of casino night to St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen. I would be confident making this decision on my own since the team had previously agreed that it was the best choice after Chunk of Coal. 2) Trysting Tree Golf Club Before making a decision to alter the 13 th hole, I would (b) consult others before making the decision because I’m not an expert in golf course design or engineering and would
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Unformatted text preview: want to leverage the expertise of SMEs in those fields as well as inform the project sponsor before authorizing the change. This change may also affect other stakeholders such as the golf course marketing firm that will need to be apprised if the change affects their operations. 3) New Product Development Before making a recommendation on whether to cancel the project I would (c) call a meeting and reach a consensus. I believe this is the correct course of action because it is a controversial problem that will have a major impact on project activities and will need strong commitment to the decision by all involved....
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