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Chapter 12 Review Questions

Chapter 12 Review Questions - specific area Flexibility...

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CIS 550 / Week 11 Chapter 12 Review Questions 12-R1 Why do firms outsource project work? Firms may outsource project work for the following reasons: Cost reduction: Contracted services are competitively priced; especially if the work is done overseas. Overhead costs are reduced since the company no longer has to internally maintain the services being outsourced. Faster project completion: Competitive pricing means more resources per dollar so that work can be done faster and may also provide access to equipment to accelerate completion time of project tasks. High level of expertise: Work can be outsourced to firms with a high level of expertise in a
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Unformatted text preview: specific area. Flexibility: Organizations arent constrained by their resources and can pursue a wide range of projects by combining their resources with other companies. 12-R2 What are the best practices used by firms to outsource project work? The best practices used by firms to outsource project work are as follows: Well-defined requirements and procedures Extensive training and team-building activities Well-established conflict management processes in place Frequent review and status updates Co-location when needed Fair and incentive-laden contracts Long-term outsourcing relationships...
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