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CIS 550 / Week 11 Chapter 12 Review Questions 12-R3 What does the term “escalate” refer to, and why is it essential to project success? “Escalation is the primary control mechanism for dealing with and resolving problems. The basic principle is that problems should be resolved at the lowest appropriate level within a set time (for example 24 hours) or they are ‘escalated’ to the next level of management” (p. 395) after which the process is repeated until the problem is resolved. This technique is essential to project success because it empowers members of a project to solve problems quickly and equitably. 12-R4 Why is the principled negotiation approach recommended for negotiating agreements on
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Unformatted text preview: projects? Principled negotiation is an approach to negotiation that advocates separating the people from the problem, focusing on interests rather than positions, inventing options for mutual gain, and using objective criteria whenever possible. It is the recommended approach for negotiating agreements on projects because it allows for the development of win/ win solutions while protecting against those who would take advantage. Principled negotiation maintains a view that the people working on a project are allies rather than opponents and ensures that implementation of an agreement is not sabotaged by resentment towards how the agreement was reached....
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