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CIS 550 / Week 11 Chapter 12 Review Questions 12-R5 What does the acronym BATNA refer to and why is it important to being a successful negotiator? BATNA stands for “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement” and refers to the best alternative if a negotiator is unable to reach an agreement with the other party. BATNA represents how dependant a negotiator is on the other party and is important to being a successful negotiator as a strong BATNA empowers a person to walk away from a bad deal. 12-R6 How can a project manager influence customer expectations and perceptions?
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Unformatted text preview: A project manager can influence customer expectations and perceptions by taking a proactive approach and shaping the proper expectations up front and throughout the life of the project. “Project managers need to direct their attention both to the customer’s base expectations, the standard by which perceived performance will be evaluated, and to the customer’s perceptions of actual performance” (p. 405). Ultimately, the project manager should work to educate clients so that they can make valid judgments about project performance....
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