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Chapter 15 Review Questions - CIS 550 Week 11 15-R1 How do...

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CIS 550 / Week 11 15-R1 How do environmental factors affect project implementation? Environmental factors can impact project selection and implementation but, if project managers have a keen awareness of differences in the host country’s environment from their own domestic environment, dangers and obstacles of the global project can be reduced or avoided. Environmental factors that can affect project implementation are as follows: Legal/ Political “Political stability and local laws strongly influence how projects will be implemented” (p. 490). Legal and political issues which might affect a project include local labor, environmental laws; the amount of control imposed from government agencies; the attitude of federal and state bureaucracies toward regulations and approval policies; likelihood for government interference of support; prevalence of government corruption; and political stability including risk of coup d’etat and labor unrest. Security
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