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Maggie Jones / CIS 550 / Week 1 Jarvis Communication Corporation Case Study Mission “To be the primary provider of communication products in the United States.” Strategy 1 In order to fulfill this mission I propose three strategies. First, Jarvis Communications should implement agile, iterative development methodologies to speed time to market for new products. As noted in the case, competitors will emerge in the new future “a flow of new products will be necessary to survive.” The company should seek to achieve two goals in the coming year: 1) lead the industry in product offerings and 2) time to market. To lead the industry in product development, Jarvis Communications should set as an objective a 30% increase in both 1) new products designed and 2) those developed as prototypes. In order to meet the goal of leading the industry in time to market, Jarvis should strive to meet objectives including a minimum 1) 20% reduction in prototype development and 2) 30% improvement in manufacturing volume wit?hout
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