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AnhNguyenFI515Week2Lab 3-2 The four financial statements contained in most annual reports are the balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows. 3-3 When a company reports $20 million of retained earnings on its balance sheet, it could not be declared that amount as cash dividend because the $20 million of retained earnings would probably not be held as cash. The retained earnings figure represents the reinvestment of earnings by the firm. Consequently, the $20 million would be an investment in all of the firm’s assets. 3-7 Income $365,000 Less Interest deduction (50,000) Plus: Dividends received (30%*15000) 4,500 Taxable income $319,500 (According to the federal income tax system , a corporation are excluded 70% of dividends received from taxes; so that taxable dividends = $15,000(1 - 0.70) = $4,500) Tax = $22,250 + ($319,500 - $100,000)(0.39) = $22,250 + $85,605 = $107,855. After-tax income:
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AnhNguyenFI515Week2Lab - AnhNguyenFI515Week2Lab 3-2 The...

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