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Sports in Movies 1 Sports in Movies Joel L. Smith Ashford University Sociology of Sports SOC318 Brian Freeland February 01, 2010
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Sports in Movies As with many social issues, sports were at the front of the segregation issue. This paper will discuss this issue through the movie “Remember the Titans”. We will see what the life of African American coaches and players were like living through this time in American History. This was a volatile time in U.S. History. The 1970’s were a time of war, social upheaval, and racial fights for equality. Many of the issues of the day carried over from the 60’s. This was the time of the hippies, and the opposition to the Vietnam War, and self proclaimed anarchy all over America. There was many different issues being fought on across the globe as well, and it seemed like the planet was fighting back against the mainstream, from the Munich Olympic bombings to the Watergate scandal. Non-fictional films are a great way to let us understand what life was like in the time of story. Remember the Titans is one of those movies that will definitely be a classic for people who are looking for a feel-good movie that covers subjects such as overcoming obstacles, and succeeding regardless of what is thrown our way. This movie is based on a school in Virginia, which was just recently desegregated, and this movie is about the black coach and his players. The T. C Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia was going through a lot of changes at the time. The school district was just integrated by a court order and many of the students were going to school with kids of a different color for the first time ever. Everyone thought that the incumbent coach would be automatically
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Sports in Movies - Sports in Movies Sports in Movies Joel...

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