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L-3 Search for unrecorded liabilities - 10-Jan-12 Sign Up...

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L-3 Apollo Shoes, Inc. Search for Unrecorded Liabilities For Year Ended 12-31-2011 From Cutoff Bank Statement: From Check Register From Voucher Packet Check Date Amount Date of Check Payee Invoice Date Description 3622 13-Jan-12 $6,683.93 10-Jan-12 Smart Chip 27-Dec-11 3623 13-Jan-12 $2,937.13 10-Jan-12 9-Jan-12 Automobile maintenance on 1/9/12 3624 14-Jan-12 $6,868.12 10-Jan-12 31-Dec-11 Catered Holiday party 3625 13-Jan-12 $124.81 10-Jan-12 Office Hacks 10-Jan-12 Office supplies purchased 1/7/12 3626 13-Jan-12 $15,216.88 10-Jan-12 6-Jan-12 "For December electricity" 3627 13-Jan-12 $6,891.16 10-Jan-12 Squint Cellular 5-Jan-11 December telephone bill 3628 13-Jan-12 $6,025.43 10-Jan-12 Sam Shaw n/a 3629 13-Jan-12 $927.09 10-Jan-12 Just Boxes 7-Jan-12 Packaging material ordered 1/7. 3630 14-Jan-12 $8,419.69 10-Jan-12 3-Jan-12 3631 13-Jan-12 $8,434,889.09 10-Jan-12 27-Dec-11 3632 14-Jan-12 $1,117.19 10-Jan-12 Office Hacks 31-Dec-11 Business cards, picked up 12/30/11 3633 13-Jan-12 $6,924.96 10-Jan-12 Smart Chip 10-Jan-12 Computer purchased 1/10/2012 3634 14-Jan-12 $4,994.99
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Unformatted text preview: 10-Jan-12 Sign Up! 31-Dec-11 New logos on vehicles on 12/31/11 3635 13-Jan-12 $5,174.00 10-Jan-12 Zrocks 10-Jan-12 Copy machine purchased 1/13/12 3636 13-Jan-12 $585.28 10-Jan-12 Smart Chip 10-Jan-12 Computer supplies picked up 1/13/12 Annual computer maintenance contract 2012 Tiger Jaguar Dealership Fleur de Lis Catering B. Franklin's LP&E Car washes for fleet of automobiles on 1/13. Synergizer Battery Company The goods were received on January 6 with bill of lading showing a January 3 shipping date and marked FOB, Shipping - Chicago. Anglonesia R&R Institute The receiving report was dated December 31. The accounts payable clerk indicated that the office party was held the afternoon of the 31st and the receiving report was probably not forwarded until the next working day so was not included in year-end accounts payable. This inventory was counted and included in the physical inventory at the end of the year....
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