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communication model

communication model - The Pragmatic Model Elizabeth Feeney...

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The Pragmatic Model Elizabeth Feeney COM100L113 Professor: Viviane S. Lopuch February 11, 2007
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The pragmatic model emphasizes the creative and motivational characteristics of human interaction. We respond to each other based on the nature of our experiences. Our communication is motivated, we do so to achieve purposes whether they are spoken or implied. It is claimed that the pragmatic approach is like playing a game in which an individual makes moves or acts that are received by the other player. This interaction creates a relationship between the two people in a unique way. This view reminds me very much of dating. It is a simple pattern of two individuals who become involved in a two-act sequence. By sending and receiving messages both are able to become familiar with each other and develop a relationship. The partners depend upon the action of each other in order to determine their next move. Each move and response affects both of the people and eventually their patterned behavior will show how interested they are.
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