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ACC231 - Exam #2 Formulas Interest income formula Principal amount of investment x interest rate x 1 / 12 = monthly interest income SL depreciation formula (original cost – SV) / expected life of asset in years = annual (yearly) depreciation amount DDB depreciation formula NBV at beginning of year x 2 / expected life of asset in years = annual depreciation amount Units of production depreciation formula (original cost – SV) / estimated life in units = per unit depreciation amount Gross Profit Percentage
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Unformatted text preview: Gross Profit / Net Sales Current Ratio Current Assets / Current Liabilities Inventory Turnover COGS / Average Inventory Quick Ratio (Cash + Marketable securities + A/R) / Current Liabilities A/R Turnover Net Sales / Average net Accounts Receivable Note: Average Balance Sheet amounts = (beginning balance + ending balance) / 2 Marketable securities are often referred to as "Short-Term Investments" All interest percentages are ANNUAL percentages (e.g. 9% means 9% per year)...
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