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101_student_McD_of_Society - • The danger of being too...

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The McDonaldization of Society – Notetaking Outline 5 main characteristics McDonaldization – 1. Efficiency – definition and examples: 2. Predictability – definition and examples: 3. Calculability – definition and examples: 4. Substitution of non-human technology for human labor – definition and examples: 5. Control – definition and examples: Undesirable consequence of living in a ‘rational’ social system –
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Unformatted text preview: • The danger of being too focused on efficiency when trying to accomplish a project or goal – • Types of businesses that are focused on putting out a ‘predictable’ product or service: • The greatest source of uncertainty in everyday life – which McDonaldization, being all about control, attempts to constrain: • Examples of the dehumanized nature of everyday life:...
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