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FMG Video #39484: Democracy Left Behind: NCLB and Civic Education NCLB stands for “______.” NCLB promotes an unbalanced curriculum – How? Problems caused by the NCLB curriculum, per teachers: a. It is producing students who cannot think critically or problem-solve b. The rote learning and multiple-choice tests employed in NCLB do not teach students to _______. The NCLB policy thus constitutes a form of “____” or “______” education and alienates students from _______. c. NCLB policies make teachers feel their skills as educators are ______. d. The lack of critical-thinking activities and exercises in the NCLB curriculum creates a politically _____ society which doesn’t question _______.
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Unformatted text preview: • What teachers strive to do in the classroom, to counteract the negative effects of NCLB: a. Show students how governmental policies concerning the human rights, the environment, etc. affect students’ _______ . b. Teachers in private schools – where they have more control over the curriculum, apparently – are teaching their students about _______ through role-playing and examples from current events. c. Teachers believe they help students develop a social _____, including a sense of personal ______, through activities involving role-playing and discussions/debates of current events. At the same time they enhance students’ _____ skills through these activities....
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