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ACCT188 Course Outline - Spring 2010-2011 ACCT288...

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Spring 2010-2011 ACCT288 Professional Excellence Program II Course Outline Lectures Friday 16:30-18:20 LTA Instructors Dr. Tedmond Tang Mr. Charles Lam Room 3394 Room 3433 Tel. 2358 7557 2358 7558 Email: acted aclam Office hours: Tue 9:30-10:30am Thurs 4-5pm Tutors Sandy Tai Room 3420 Tel: 2358 7582 Email: acsandy Carrie Leung Room 3391 Tel: 2358 7580 Email: accarrie Objectives Members of the accounting profession are expected to demonstrate high professional standards. Thus, professionalism is important to your career success. Your professional training begins at university. The course aim to deepens students understanding of the accounting profession and facilitate their career planning. An emphasis is also placed on ethics and the development of professionalism. On completion of the course, students should be able to: demonstrate an understanding of the strategies of accounting firms and the career development in specialized areas of accounting with reference to their career planning demonstrate an understanding of the accounting environment and opportunities for HK accountants in Mainland China demonstrate an understanding of the latest development of the accounting profession by studying topical issues and presenting the ideas in a logical and creative way apply their understanding of the above to their career planning explain the role played by accountants in providing and ensuring the integrity of financial and related information identify the issues in the accounting profession that may present ethical challenges and realize the consequences of breaching the ethical standards. Students are also expected to develop selected skills and attitudes. Skills: self learning, communication and team work. Attitudes: integrity and professionalism. ACCT288 outline 1/7
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Spring 2010-2011 Textbook There is no required text for this course. Assessment Attendance and class participation (PRS questions) 50% Group presentation 20% Written report 20% Peer Evaluation 10% Group Presentation Please join a group of 4 students, except with permission from the instructors. The groups will be involved in a group presentation. The purpose of groups is to encourage the development of team working skills and learning from each other. To ensure each student contribute fairly to group work, students will evaluate the contribution made by other group members towards the end of the semester. For details of the presentation, please refer to the presentation guidelines on LMES. The presentation date, sequence and topics will be determined by lot. Please note that there are PRS questions after each presentation. You should thus take the presentations seriously, prepare for the discussion questions by reading the relevant materials and pay attention when others are presenting. Attendance and Class Participation
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ACCT188 Course Outline - Spring 2010-2011 ACCT288...

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