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ACCT288 Presentation Schedule and Criteria

ACCT288 Presentation Schedule and Criteria - Spring...

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Spring 2010-2011 ACCT 288 Professional Excellence Program II Group Presentation Date Groups Presentation Topics (Please refer to the topic guidelines below) April 15 1 2 1a 1b Impact of mutual recognition of Mainland accounting and auditing Standard. Containing liability April 29 3 4 2a 2b Strengthens code of ethics Insolvency in Hong Kong and liquidating Lehman May 6 5 3a Transfer pricing May 13 6 7 8 9 3b 4a 4b 5a 5b Professional ethics Big 4 strategies and balance of power with the Big 4 Audit risks in China Auditors’ responsibility and liability ACCT288 presentation 1/6
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Spring 2010-2011 General Guidelines 1. Form a group of 4 students and hand in a group card with group membership (names, nicknames, student numbers) and passport-size photographs to Ms. Carrie Leung in Room 3391 on or before 6 th April . Group cards are available at the Department’s office at Room 3419 during office hours. Students who hand in their group cards on or before the deadline will receive 5% class participation marks. 2. The presentation date, time, sequence and topics will be determined by lot. 3. The presentation should be in English, for max 10 mins and will be graded on the following criteria: i. Relevance and interest ii. Logic, structure and clear explanation iii. Presentation style (eye contact, posture, interaction and creativity) iv. Team work (team flow, time management and cohesiveness) 4. The aim is to share the insights on the following topics with your classmates. The focus will be on the articles below. In addition, you are expected to perform some related research. You should be critical and creative in your delivery. Always maintains a good dialogue with the audience. 5. Time is of essence. Observe the time limit accordingly. There will be no make-up presentation if the group fails to turn up. 6. The groups need to send (a) their PPT files (b) one PRS question (with answer) on or before 5 o’clock Wednesday of the presenting week to Charles ([email protected] ) and submit a hard copy before your group presentation. Late submission will have a negative impact on your presentation marks. For the PRS questions, there should be 4 choices of answers, which should NOT include ‘all of the above’ or ‘none of the above’ . 7.
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ACCT288 Presentation Schedule and Criteria - Spring...

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