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Engineering Vibrations Spring 2010 ME 355K (18340) MWF 10–11a, ETC 4.150 P. S. Wilson ([email protected]) TEXT: Engineering Vibrations (3rd ed.), Daniel J. Inman (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008) SOFTWARE: Matlab, available in the METER computer lab, ETC 2.126 GRADING: Two quizzes (25% + 25%); homework (25%); final exam (25%) PREREQUISITES: Mechanical Engineering 324 with a grade of at least C , Mathematics 427K with a grade of at least C , and admission to an appropriate major sequence in engineering. OFFICE HOURS: M 11–12n, T 12–1p, or by appointment; ETC 4.152A IMPORTANT DATES: Last day to withdraw (with dean’s approval)—March 29 Course/instructor evaluations—last class day Final exam—Monday, May 17, 9–12n* OBJECTIVE: Students will learn to mathematically model simple and complex vibrating systems, to analyze the behavior of such systems, and to design systems with desirable vibration characteristics using analytical and numerical methods. TOPICS:
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