phone - Whitney Houston 213-873-1809 Stacey Dash...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Peter Pan 202-555-9087 Karl Malone 678-987-2356 Clark Kent 909-456-1479 Bruce Wayne 212-987-4541 Peter Parker 770-553-5643 David Garrard 912-883-9873 Ghost Rider 707-456-0900 Rick James 336-432-0954 Tammie Faye 919-897-2416 Lenny Kravitz 202-987-0952 Adrian Peterson 310-345-1749
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Unformatted text preview: Whitney Houston 213-873-1809 Stacey Dash 714-890-7654 Shaun Carter 713-876-6745 Jennifer Lopez 646-987-2345 Beyonce Knowles 713-555-6789 Lady Gaga 575-123-4567 Flo Joyner 678-567-2378 Alicia Keys 713-334-9908 Shenaenae Jenkins 212-555-3212...
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