RectangleProgram - /Given the length and width of a...

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///Given the length and width of a rectangle, this Java //program determines its area and perimeter. / import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; i public class RectangleProgram extends JFrame { private JLabel lengthL, widthL, areaL, perimeterL; private JTextField lengthTF, widthTF, areaTF, perimeterTF; private JButton calculateB, exitB; private CalculateButtonHandler cbHandler; private ExitButtonHandler ebHandler; private static final int WIDTH = 400; private static final int HEIGHT = 300; public RectangleProgram() { //Create the four labels lengthL = new JLabel("Enter the length: ", SwingConstants.RIGHT); widthL = new JLabel("Enter the width: ", SwingConstants.RIGHT); areaL = new JLabel("Area: ", SwingConstants.RIGHT); perimeterL = new JLabel("Perimeter: ", SwingConstants.RIGHT); //Create the four text fields lengthTF = new JTextField(10); widthTF = new JTextField(10); areaTF = new JTextField(10); perimeterTF = new JTextField(10); //Create Calculate Button calculateB = new JButton("Calculate");
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RectangleProgram - /Given the length and width of a...

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