CandyMachine - /Program: Candy Machine i import...

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//Program: Candy Machine / import java.util.*; i public class CandyMachine { static Scanner console = new Scanner(; public static void main(String[] args) { CashRegister cashRegister = new CashRegister(); //Step 1 Dispenser candy = new Dispenser(100, 50); //Step 2 Dispenser chips = new Dispenser(100, 65); //Step 2 Dispenser gum = new Dispenser(75, 45); //Step 2 Dispenser cookies = new Dispenser(100, 85); //Step 2 int choice; //variable to hold the selection //Step 3 showSelection(); //Step 4 choice = console.nextInt(); //Step 5 while (choice != 9) //Step 6 { switch (choice) //Step 6a { case 1: sellProduct(candy, cashRegister); break; case 2: sellProduct(chips, cashRegister); break; case 3: sellProduct(gum, cashRegister); break; case 4: sellProduct(cookies, cashRegister); break; default: System.out.println("Invalid Selection"); }//end switch showSelection(); //Step 6b choice = console.nextInt(); //Step 6c }//end while }//end main public static void showSelection() { System.out.println("*** Welcome to Shelly's "
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CandyMachine - /Program: Candy Machine i import...

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