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//class cashRegister / public class CashRegister { private int cashOnHand; //variable to store the cash //in the register //Default constructor to set the cash //in the register to 500 cents //Postcondition: cashOnHand = 500 public CashRegister() { cashOnHand = 500; } //Constructor with parameters to set the cash in //the register to a specific amount //Postcondition: cashOnHand = cashIn public CashRegister(int cashIn) { if (cashIn >= 0) cashOnHand = cashIn; else cashOnHand = 500;
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Unformatted text preview: } //Method to show the current amount in the cash register //Postcondition: The value of the instance variable // cashOnHand is returned. public int currentBalance() { return cashOnHand; } //Method to receives the amount deposited by //the customer and updates the amount in the register //Postcondition: cashOnHand = cashOnHand + amountIn public void acceptAmount(int amountIn) { cashOnHand = cashOnHand + amountIn; } }...
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