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Illustrate - /of the instance and static...

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public class Illustrate { private int x; private static int y; public static int count; //Default constructor //Postcondition: x = 0 public Illustrate() { x = 0; } //Constructor with parameters //Postcondition: x = a public Illustrate(int a) { x = a; } //Method to set x. //Postcondition: x = a void setX(int a) { x = a; } //Method to return the values of the instance //and static variables as a string. //The string returned is used by the methods //print, println, or printf, to print the values
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Unformatted text preview: //of the instance and static variables. //Postcondition: The values of x, y, and count //are returned as a string. public String toString() { return("x = " + x + ", y = " + y + ", count = " + count); } //Method to increment the value of the private //static member y. //Postcondition: y is incremented by 1. public static void incrementY() { y++; } }...
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