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Today we live in an era where information is processed almost at the speed of light. Through computers, the technological revolution is drastically changing the way we live and communicate with one another. Terms such as very common today. With the help of computers you can send letters to, and receive letters from, loved ones within seconds. You no longer need to send a résumé by mail to apply for a job; in many cases you can simply submit your job application via the Internet. You can watch how stocks perform in real time, and instantly buy and sell them. Students
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Unformatted text preview: regularly surf& the Internet and use computers to design their classroom projects. They also use powerful word processing software to complete their term papers. Many people maintain and balance their checkbooks on computers. p The number of lines = 15 A count = 53 B count = 7 C count = 30 D count = 19 E count = 81 F count = 11 G count = 10 H count = 29 I count = 41 J count = 4 K count = 3 L count = 31 M count = 26 N count = 50 O count = 59 P count = 21 Q count = 0 R count = 45 S count = 48 T count = 62 U count = 24 V count = 7 W count = 15 X count = 0 Y count = 20 Z count = 0...
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