MouseExample - /Program to illustrate mouse events import...

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//Program to illustrate mouse events / import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; i public class MouseExample extends JFrame implements MouseListener { private static int WIDTH = 350; private static int HEIGHT = 250; //GUI components private JLabel[] labelJL; public MouseExample() { setTitle("Mouse Events"); Container pane = getContentPane(); setSize(WIDTH,HEIGHT); GridLayout gridMgr = new GridLayout(6, 1, 10, 10); pane.setLayout(gridMgr); labelJL = new JLabel[6]; labelJL[0] = new JLabel("Mouse Clicked", SwingConstants.CENTER); labelJL[1] = new JLabel("Mouse Entered", SwingConstants.CENTER); labelJL[2] = new JLabel("Mouse Exited", SwingConstants.CENTER); labelJL[3] = new JLabel("Mouse Pressed", SwingConstants.CENTER); labelJL[4] = new JLabel("Mouse Released", SwingConstants.CENTER); labelJL[5] = new JLabel("",SwingConstants.CENTER); for (int i = 0; i < labelJL.length; i++) { labelJL[i].setForeground(Color.gray); pane.add(labelJL[i]); } pane.addMouseListener(this);
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MouseExample - /Program to illustrate mouse events import...

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